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GARA Membership Fees and Services The Regional Association of Agrotourism of Georgia is a membership-based association whose annual fee for all members, whether individuals or legal entities, is 120 GEL.

GARA members will benefit from: a website where individual members will be presented to the general public and their activities will be promoted; With access to resources and information specific to the modern industry, as well as by attending trainings and the possibility of mutual communication (networking).

GARA represents the interests of the agritourism sector before the Georgian government and the international community, it will advocate and protect the rights of members involved in agritourism.

GARA is a hub for relevant information related to starting an agritourism business, be it government regulations, tax and legal requirements, or studies/research materials/statistics, which will be available to GARA members through the association's website and quarterly newsletters. Also, GARA will contribute to the creation of an agritourism quality standard and certification system, which will ensure high quality for international and local travelers and help agritourism facilities to increase their income.

In addition to the basic membership package, GARA will offer the fee-based services they need to build a successful agritourism business or improve an existing one.


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