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Development of Agritourism in Kakheti

Do you own or operate a small or medium-sized agro-tourism facility, or are you looking to venture into this exciting industry?

Do you require guidance and support to enhance your access to financial resources?

GARA can assist you with:

  1. Developing or refining your agro-tourism concept

  2. Identifying potential grant opportunities

  3. Crafting and preparing necessary applications for donors and financial institutions

  4. Evaluating your current social media presence

  5. Creating strategies and conducting PR activities for selected businesses

  6. Offering financial counseling both before and after obtaining grants or loans

To take part in the project, please complete the form at this link:

For more detailed information about the project, please reach out to us at +995 32 219 30 03 or send us a private message.

The project, aimed at strengthening agro-tourism facilities in Kakheti, is being executed by the Georgian Agritourism Regional Association (GARA) in collaboration with the RSMEDP project of the Swiss Development Agency (SDC).

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